Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to Chicago in 2004 for my undergrad at DePaul University. Currently I’m in grad school for a masters degree in I.T. I dabble in just about any technology I can get my hands on. I’ve designed sound for theatre, engineered an album, made movies, built websites, designed graphics, written software, and have had experience with all manner of post-production hardware and software. I also take pictures for fun.

In the summer of 2011, I had the tremendous opportunity to be an intern at Lucasfilm Entertainment Company. I worked in the I.T - Production Systems department supporting the work of all the digital artists and creators at ILM, Lucasarts and Lucas Online. The internship was an unbelievable learning (and life!) experience that I’ll never forget. 

As of right now, I’d say I’m looking for my next big opportunity. I have a huge passion for learning just about anything. I started out working in live theatre, desiging sound for shows and engineering live audio. Since then, I’ve worked with a very broad range of technologies, from live content acquisition, media asset management, digital image technology, post-production and archiving, and a great many IT technologies. I’ve had experience designing, installing, training and supporting these technologies and systems in the field. 


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